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Categories of Business Immigrants:

• Entrepreneurs
• Investors
• Self-employed

Entrepreneurs who intend and have the ability to establish, purchase or invest substantially in a business or commercial venture in Canada that will contribute significantly to the economy and create jobs.

The venture must employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other then the entrepreneur him/herself and his/her dependents.

Entrepreneurs must also be actively involved in managing the business or venture. Have enough money to establish a business, cover its short-term operating costs and support their dependants.

Conditions in this category must be met within two years of admission.

• There is no requirement for a fixed net worth but you must have enough money to start the business and cover resettlement costs
• You must actively manage the business
• All family members are admitted to Canada on a conditional basis. These conditions are removed once the entrepreneur sets up a significant business venture, hires at least one employee, and is actively involved in managing the business.

Investors must have successfully operated, controlled, or directed a business, and must have a net worth, accumulated by their own endeavors, of at least $ 800,000 Canadian dollars.

The applicant will be required to make an investment of $ 400,000 Canadian dollars, paid to the Receiver General for Canada. The investment is subsequently allocated to participating provinces and territories in Canada.

The government uses the funds for creation and economic development. The full amount of the investment (without interest) is repaid to the investor after approximately five years.

The return of the investment is fully guaranteed by participating provinces and territories.

This program is limited to those who intend to live permanently in a province or territory other than Quebec. Investors who intend to live in Quebec must apply under the Quebec immigrant investor program.
• Investors are not required to start a business in Canada
• Investments are fully guaranteed by provinces and territories that participate in the program
• The provinces and territories control the investment during the five-year-lock-in period
• No immigration terms and conditions are imposed upon admission.
Limit your down payment to as little as
$CAN120, 000 (approx. $US 75,000) You will need only $CAN120, 000 of liquidity as opposed to $CAN400,000 and still meet all the requirements of the Immigrant Investor Program in order to obtain Canadian citizenship. The monies that you are not required to transfer to complete the mandatory down payment may be invested and earn higher returns, thereby improving your overall return.

The Golden Plan

If you do not wish to liquidate your assets to come up with the $CAN400,000 mandatory CITRN can assist you with arranging financing with most of the leading financial institutions in Canada. From the beginning of the processing you know the exact amount of your down payment.

Self-employed immigrants must establish or purchase a business in Canada that will keep them employed and contribute significantly to Canada's economy or cultural or artistic life for example: professional athletes, artists, actors, farmers, writers.
• No conditions are imposed upon admission
• Self-employed persons are not required to provide jobs for others
• Must present documentation proving the ability to establish a business that will contribute significantly to the economy or Canada's artistic or cultural life.
We can successfully negotiate financial loans from certain leading financial institutions in Canada in order to enable you to successfully invest in The Business category. Please contact our financial specialist at CITRN for additional information. We also specialize on Removal of "Terms and conditions" for existing business Visa holders in order to gain Permanent resident status. Our Company offers a comprehensive assistance package to assist with your planning and investment need in the business category as well as establish connections needed for the successful establishment of your business in Canada.