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     Every year more than 35 million people visit Canada. Canada welcomes these visitors. As a visitor, you will enjoy the many opportunities Canada has offer.

Before coming to Canada you:
• Must be healthy
• Will need a valid passport, proof of who you are or other travel documents
• Will need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
• May need a letter of invitation
• Proof of Financial Stability

If you wish to get a visitor visa to Canada, you must submit a visitor visa application to a visa office at a Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate abroad, along with two passport size pictures, proof of available funds, along with a non-refundable processing fee.

Supporting Documentation
It is essential that an applicant provide sufficient documentary evidence to satisfy the visa officer that he or she has sufficient funds to pay for all expenses that might be incurred while in Canada.

If the person is visiting relatives, and if the relatives are going to assume responsibility for the expenses incurred by the visiting relative in Canada, it would be necessary to have a letter or statutory declaration from the relative setting out responsibility for all expenses.

In addition, the relative must also indicate that he or she has the necessary resources, and it would be helpful if the relative includes a job letter, bank statements, etc.

The applicant and all dependants must be in possession of valid and subsisting passports or travel documents.

A visitor visa to Canada will not be issued beyond the validity date set out in the passport and a person cannot be admitted to Canada at a port of entry by an immigration officer for a period that exceeds the expiry date of the passport.

As one of the primary concerns of the visa officer is whether the applicant will return to their home country at the end of the visit, it is therefore important to illustrate that the applicant has ties to their home country. Documentation showing that the person has full-time permanent employment, length of employment, proof of assets including house, bank accounts, will be important.


This visa allows you to come to visit the United Kingdom for up to 6 months to see some of the worlds best tourist attractions. This is the most popular type of visa for coming to the United Kingdom. Visit the famous sights of London such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Madam Tussauds. Take a look at the wonderful history of the UK by going to Tower of London and Windsor Castle.
The visa also allows you to come to the United Kingdom for a private visit or to carry out limited business such as attending meetings and briefings, fact finding, negotiating or making contracts.
The most common type of visitor’s visa is for those who want to visit family and friends in the United Kingdom, more commonly called a family visit visa.
The application for this visa is a two part process, the first stage is completing the appropriate application forms which must then be lodged at your nearest British Embassy.
Once your application has been submitted, an Entry Clearance Officer will then call you for an interview to verify your application.
If your application is successful, your passport will be stamped with your visa showing a start date and end date